Lemon rice


  • Lemon juice
  • Gingely oil
  • Mustard seeds
  • Split Urad dal
  • Split Channa dal
  • Green chilies
  • Ginger
  • Asafoetida power
  • Curry leaves
  • Salt
  • Rice
  • Turmeric powder


  • Cook rice
  • Add 1 tsp turmeric rice to the rice when it is hot
  • Add gingely oil and cooking oil to pan
  • Add mustard seeds
  • Add channa dal and urad dal when mustard seeds are starting to splutter
  • Add green chilies, ginger, curry leaves
  • Add asafoetida powder last and pour the mix into the rice on top of the turmeric
  • Add gingely oil to the rice, salt, and lemon juice
  • Mix the rice
  • Add more turmeric powder, salt, lemon juice and mix to reach required level of color, and taste.


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