Masala Vadagam


* 250g rice flour

* 25g sago

* small onion 100g

* green chili 3no

* curry leaves 10no

* sombu 2tsp

* cinnamon 1″

* salt to taste

* Lemon juice 10 drops


1) Wash and soak sago in water overnight.

2) Peel and cut onion into slices, cut green chili into half cm pieces, cut curry leaves, crush coarsely sombu and cinnamon.

3) Take rice flour In another vessel and add 250 ml water and salt to taste. Mix well to a thick batter.

4) In a thick bottomed vessel, bring half litre of water to boil, add soaked sago, stir often, and cook till it becomes a thin gravy.

5) Reduce to medium heat and slowly add rice batter with constant stirring for about 6-8min, add all spices, mix well and switch off heat.

6) Add ten drops of lemon juice and mix well.

7) While medium cool, split into smaller pieces and sun-dry for 2 or 3 days.

Note: For regular Vadagam follow the same procedure with the following variation in procedure 2) Grind green chili into paste, add 2 tsp asafoetida powder, 2 tsp jeera, 2 tsp ajwain. Use star murukku achchu to make regular vadagam.

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