Banana Fritters(Pazha vadai)


  • Very ripe banana 4 no
  • Jaggery. 250g
  • Wheat flour 3 Tbs
  • All purpose flour (Maida) 2 Tbs
  • Rice flour/ Suji(Rava) 1 Tbs
  • Grated coconut 3 Tbsecure:
  • Ghee 3 Tbs
  • Cooking soda
  • Cardamom 4 no -crushed
  • oil for deep frying


  1. Pour 2 Tsb of ghee in a kadai, add grated and heat until it turns golden brown and keep aside.
  2. Put jaggery in a kadai, add 50 ml of water and boil for 3m. Filter the syrup to remove dust and keep aside
  3. Peel and mash the ripe bananas without any lumps, add cardamom, roasted coconut, cooking soda, jaggery syrup, 1 Tbs ghee and mix well.
  4. Add required quantity of wheat flour, maida and rice flour to banana paste to get vada consistency.
  5. Heat oil in a kadai in medium flame, take a handful of banana batter and drop it in oil as small balls. Fry in medium flame till they turn dark golden brown. Drain the oil and serve.
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